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Enjoy a Dessert Show in Melbourne

If you’re looking for unique catering experiences that combine delectable flavours with a theoretical component, you’ll love Fat’s Story unforgettable dessert show.

Imagine a decadent table of sweet treats, plated up live right in front of you by a team of experienced pastry chefs. With fire effects, smoke and music that will delight the senses, this isn’t your ordinary dessert table. We provide a scrumptious spread that’s a one-of-a-kind experience, using fresh ingredients that are locally sourced. And the best part? Once it’s over, it’s your turn to take part in the show by sampling the delicious desserts on offer.

From classic favourites to new and innovative desserts, our menu has something for every dessert-lover. Whether you’re planning a special event or you’re looking for a unique way to enjoy a fun night out, this is one unforgettable experience you don’t want to miss.

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So, Just What is a Dessert Show?

Perhaps you’re curious about exactly what our dessert show in Melbourne entails. A dessert show is one of the most unique and fun catering services currently available. This magical and unforgettable show brings the drama, turning dessert into an experience for you and your guests to enjoy. To the sound of music, our chefs transform a table into a spectacular array of desserts, mixing smoke, fire and other surprises! Incorporating all the senses, our dessert show is guaranteed to bring you something you and your guests have never experienced before.

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The Finer Details

There’s a minimum of 10 people for our dessert platter show. We can cater for private companies, birthdays, events, or even just a family party at home. Due to demand and the preparation required for each show, we require two weeks’ notice for booking a dessert show for private events. We’ll work closely with you to make your dessert show by a professional chef a truly unforgettable experience. Simply inform us of any preferences or requirements you have and the nature of your event and we’ll customise a unique dessert show that won’t disappoint.


Dessert Show Events We Can Cater To:

Birthday Parties

Make your next birthday celebration extra special with our gourmet desserts show in Melbourne. Whether you’re planning a small gathering or a large party, Fat’s Story can put on a show that will make your birthday one to remember.


Our private dessert shows in Melbourne are perfect for celebrating special milestone anniversaries, ensuring an experience that won’t be soon forgotten.


A Melbourne dessert show is a great way to enhance your wedding reception, providing you and your guests with an entertaining show as well as a delectable spread of desserts.

Bachelorette’s & Buck’s Nights

Add some excitement to your hen’s or buck’s night with our private dessert shows in Melbourne. We can make your night memorable with a unique dessert show that enthrals and delights.

Corporate Events

Whether you want to impress clients or simply add a fun touch to your next corporate event, our dessert show is an excellent option that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Family Events

Our dessert platter show is suitable for a range of family events, from baby showers and gender reveals through to engagement parties.

Book an Unforgettable Dessert Show Today

Are you wondering “where can I find a professional chef for a dessert show near me?” Fat’s Story specialises in crafting extraordinary dessert shows that can elevate any occasion to a whole new level of delight. With a keen eye for culinary artistry and a commitment to excellence, our professional chef can transform desserts into awe-inspiring works of art. From meticulously crafted pastries that dance on your tastebuds to intricately designed confections that are a feast for the eyes, our dessert show in Melbourne promises an experience that resonates long after the final bite.
If you’re ready to turn your event into a memory that won’t soon be forgotten, reach out to us today. We look forward to discussing your vision and tailoring a dessert show to your preferences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A themed dessert show is a captivating culinary experience where a specific theme or concept is the central focus. It revolves around creating and presenting a variety of desserts that align with the chosen theme. From decorations to flavours, every aspect of the show can be customised to complement the theme for a unique and immersive atmosphere. Whether it’s a seasonal theme, a cultural celebration or an imaginative concept, our themed custom dessert shows offer a unique ands delightful way to indulge in delectable treats.

A dessert show is a specialised event where a skilled chef showcases their talents by preparing and presenting a diverse array of sweet creations. Guests are treated to a sensory journey through different textures, tastes and visual delights. Dessert show events not only entertain and educate the audience about dessert making techniques, but also provide an opportunity to savour and appreciate the craftsmanship behind each dessert.

Of course! Our custom dessert shows offer the flexibility to incorporate specific desserts based on your preferences or your event’s theme. Whether you have dietary preferences that need catering to, favourite desserts you’d like included or a particular theme you’d like our chef to adhere to, all you need to do is communicate your preferences to our team and we can help you craft a personalised experience.

Fat’s Story has years of experience in crafting fun and engaging private dessert shows in Melbourne. Here are some tips to ensure your next dessert show is a success:

  • Have a clear dessert show theme that resonates with your target audience and guides the dessert selection
  • Ensure a good a variety of desserts in terms of flavours and textures to cater to different preferences
  • Collaborate with an experienced chef who can create desserts with finesse and incorporate interactive elements to engage your guests
  • Make sure high-quality, fresh ingredients are used
  • Consider the flow of the event, seating arrangements and the comfort of your guests for a seamless experience

Lin and Ronnie were a pleasure to deal with and put on such a spectacular show for us! It was delicious and so much fun to watch them in action! Highly recommend for corporate events

Ouzoun Nit

A truly sensational evening at a private dinner party in our home. Rony’s food was visually beautiful but was even more delicious than you can imagine. The brilliantly constructed degustation menu was perfectly paced and absolutely delicious. Can’t wait to engage them again

Catherine Morris

WOW! If you want to add a fun element then you definately need to book in Fat's Story! We loved having you at our event on Sunday. Everyone was talking about how fantastic you and your team were. Your desserts were delicious. I cannot wait to work with you again in the future :) I…

Gulsah Tankir

We had such a wonderful night with Ronny. Creative presentation, great food, and lots of fun memories made. Recommend!

Leah McClelland

We are truly amazed by the quality and service that we received! The amount of care and detail that went into the show and Desserts is truly amazing! If you want to have that point of difference at your next event choose them!

Kanita Hadziefendic

I have used fat story several times now to send delicious dessert platters to friends during each lockdown to celebrate birthdays, send congratulations and as a pick me up. Lin from fat story is always lovely to deal with and very friendly and kind. Their product is outstanding and never fails to impress. Super easy…

Kim Rosedale

Amazing desert board! We have ordered quite a number of times from Rony and his team and they never disappoint. Customer service is impeccable and serving sizes are really generous - even the messages are edible!! Will definitely be ordering from Fat's Story in the near future. Thanks so much!

Teresa Malvaso

Lin and Ronnie were a pleasure to deal with and put on such a spectacular show for us! It was delicious and so much fun to watch them in action! Highly recommend for corporate events

Justine Seidner

I got a dessert platter for my friend's birthday and this was her comment "Darling, all the desserts are soooo delicious and smooth, the sweetness was so perfect ! I loved all of them😍" ... Thank you Fat's story I know that I can't get wrong with your products. Everyone loves it.

Desiree Blanco

Had an awesome experience of the dessert show by Fats Story! The desserts were yumm too! Will definitely be having them in near future for my events.

Goral Shah

Fat's story reinvents itself by offering its services in the form of a Dessert Show For a romantic dinner, a birthday or simply to accompany the end of a family evening.