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 Fat's Story Team 

 Young Franco-Israeli Rony learned cooking in one of the best schools in the world and worked for the biggest names in France as well as international cuisine.
  Four years ago, Rony moved to Australia where he started working for the restaurant No35 at the Sofitel in Melbourne. His desire to succeed and to go further and faster than others has lead him after 3 years to manage the kitchen of the No35.
  Our private chef Rony is not only a hard working person, his humor and kindness will make you feel reassured and optimistic about your event. His talent and self-confidence make him a private chef who is loved by his clients.

 The Fat's story team is young, dynamic and full of enthusiasm.   Each member of the team brings his own touch to help our private chef Rony Parienty to give the best of himself.

 All coming from hospitality, we complement each other with our different knowledge and skills.

 We are organized, productive and trusting of our goal to create your event in the best possible way. 

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